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Join us for our 2025 History Weekend

This weekend is designed to encourage members, especially new ones, to meet informally and discuss history with like-minded, friendly people.

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Behind and Beyond Sir Joseph Bazalgette and His London Sewers

Saturday 25th May on Zoom

The speaker is Laurence Scales who is a specialist speaker, guide and writer on the colourful 350+ year history of science, technology and medicine

Bazalgette has come to be viewed a kind of modern St Patrick, banishing cholera from London and shielding it from miasmal misery with a robust system of brick bowels, the sewers. He was a fine engineer and public servant. But he did not invent London’s system of intercepting drains, or bring clean water to London. This talk traces the history of London’s sewage including Sir Joseph but also introduces some of his predecessors, contemporaries and successors who deserve some of the credit for cleaning up London.

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History Weekend

At the small, friendly residential weekend some of the members make presentations of their own researches on the theme for the year which the rest of us discuss and enjoy.

History Magazine

The OUHS produces a journal, Open History, most of which is written by members. This gives a unique opportunity  for members to have their work published and read by sympathetically minded peers.

History Day Trips

The Society organise trips to places of interest to historians and history students, both members and their family and friends are equally welcome to attend.

Want to join us? It is only £15 a year for membership , open to both current and former OU students. Maybe you too could be published in our magazine?

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